About Legacy Place Society: Profile

Our Peace Officers, Fire Fighters, Emergency Medical Services, 911 Dispatch and Military Personnel face horrific, personal, complicated and devastating situations on the work front and then find themselves working hard to find a balanced life perspective on the home front

OUR MISSION: Provide empathetic support that builds resiliency individually and within our First Responder and Military Families.

OUR VISION: That all First Responder and Military Personnel have user friendly access to resources to build resiliency  as an individual and/or as a family.

OUR VALUES: Family, Empathy, Diversity, Inclusivity, Confidentiality, Collaboration and Integrity


  • Provide confidential and safe transitional housing to First Responders and Military Personnel (individually or as a family) for their well-being, security and access to professional support, so that they can recover quickly from a broad range of serious difficulties.
  • Provide a confidential crisis response by telephone for First Responders and Military Personnel, that facilitates connection to professional and peer support.
  • Increase knowledge, reduce stigma and enable networking by organizing and facilitating mental health and suicide awareness conferences for the military, emergency medical services and law enforcement communities.  

From Legacy Place Society Chairperson – Kenneth C L King

It is a privilege to serve the tremendous people who are Legacy Place Society family; people of integrity, honor, and dedication to others. I have the utmost respect for those that have chosen careers in public service and it is my wish that they and their families all live life with joy and success. Thank you for all that you do. These past couple of years have evolved with sound decisions that have strengthened the foundational underpinnings of Legacy Place.

As a group we have taken great steps forward in solidifying our structural and financial systems and have seen overall organizational growth. Sustainability strategies have been designed and will continue to evolve. Many of the Legacy Place family have participated in the programs and mission trips and they continue to bring insight to the various committees and Board as to how to develop in these areas. This helps to recognize the needs of the organization so that we can focus on topics that are most valuable and desired.

I would like to thank the many dedicated volunteers and staff in all they do to see Legacy Place Society move forward. Our victories are all credited to your compassionate efforts and dedication. May we continue to stay inspired and guided by the Legacy Place mission and vision as we plan and implement our future endeavor’s.

From Legacy Place Society Executive Director – Diana Festejo

Those that serve in the Legacy Place Society family are to be congratulated and highly honored for all they do to strengthen our communities and country. The demands of their chosen professions and its impact on themselves and families are unique and at times complex.

This is a shared responsibility.  The issues of Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD), Operational Stress Injury (OSI), and the psychological and physiological impact on our First Responder and Military Personnel lives can create emotional and physical havoc. The vicarious trauma and demands of the professions can be major stressors on the individual and the family.  

Legacy Place Society encourages our men and women in uniform and their families to steer themselves through the everyday adversity, reframe the difficult realities of their profession and to encourage daily behaviors that are conducive to recharge and re-engage with themselves, their families and work place.

Legacy Place Society strives to provide resources that are relevant and meaningful to strengthening those who we are proud to call our community heroes and their families. As we collectively and with collaboration with the Services, go through the various programs, mission trips, fund raising events, and all that is involved in the logistics of each of these areas, I continue to be amazed at how great people come together for the well being of others.

Legacy Place has a large team of amazing volunteers and as I reflect back on the many conversations I am truly proud and grateful of each person’s commitment and high level of enthusiasm for the task at hand. Thank you to our donors: those who have faithfully provided financial support and those who are just starting to learn more about our work.

We value this investment and partnership you have with Legacy Place Society as it turns into a reinvestment back into each of our communities.

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