Can Praxis

is the leading Equine-Assisted Therapy provider for the Veteran and First Responder communities. We help Veterans, First Responders (serving and retired) and their families living with Operational Stress Injuries (OSI).

The Centre for Suicide Prevention

is an education centre based in Calgary


is an Operational Stress Injury/Post Traumatic Stress Support Initiative.  OSI-CAN Alberta is a named project of the Canadian Mental Health Association, Alberta Divison offering Peer Support Groups, Family Support Groups, assistance with service dog acquisition and referrals to equine therapy programs. Our support groups provide a free, safe, confidential, non-judgemental environment where we can talk openly about mental health to build our literacy while finding meaningful support and resources.

For a family friendly and fun event to promote interaction between First Responders and the public they serve in a Western lifestyle environment, all while raising funds in support of First Responder PTSD and Child protection. 

Tee it Up

for Mental Health works in support of multiple mental health support programs and initiatives in Alberta, including Legacy Place Society.  Learn more about our support for the mental health of First Responders, and continuing our fight to help end the stigma surrounding mental health.

The Edmonton Garrison Military Family Resource Centre is one of many associated non-profit MFRCs located across Canada that provides Canadian Forces families coordinated, consistent and effective programs and services.

We support families of CAF members within our service area of Southern Alberta, including Red Deer and south to Lethbridge. Our programs and services include prevention, support and intervention services, social activities and events (Stampede Breakfast, Christmas party), personal development workshops, family separation and reunification support, counselling, crisis intervention, child and youth programs, discounted admission passes, and more.

We are a service provided by CALGARY VETERANS SERVICES SOCIETY, founded in August 2018, to serve food security and other resource needs of veterans from Alberta. Veterans Food Bank of Alberta (VFBA) supports veterans who’ve served in all branches of the Canadian Armed Forces and Reserves, as well as first responders.

A Quilt of Valour™

is a hug from a grateful nation and a tribute to an injured Canadian Armed Forces member, past or present. Although most of us will never know the soldier who will receive our quilt, imagine what it would be like for you if you did know the soldier. What if that soldier was your spouse, your brother/sister, your friend or your child?

A Quilt of Valour™ serves a special purpose and quality construction is important. Quilt standards must reflect the level of gratitude that we want to demonstrate to the recipient. Quilts of Valour™ can be made by individuals, social groups or quilting bees. In all cases we request that the standards we have established are followed. If you are making a quilt or have a quilt ready to donate please ensure that it meets the QOV Specifications.

Quilts 4 Everyday Heroes

Quilts for Everyday Heroes is an organization that appreciates and recognizes first responders for putting themselves into emotionally challenging and dangerous situations daily.  We hope  to wrap those first responders who are battling with PTSD or struggling with mental health, in a handmade quilt to let them know that we are aware of the struggle that comes from their determination to make our world a safe place.