Suicide Support – Specific upcoming Workshops

Statistics can tell us alot, but don’t tell us everything.  However, suicides continue to shake our communities. These tragic events challenge our basic assumptions, and leave families, co workers, and friends questioning whether enough is being done to prevent these deaths. Mental health problems have an enormous impact on the general public and our First Responders who deal with responding to the 911 calls.  The kind of burden represented by mental health on our First Responders and their families is alarming. 

Locally, our First Responders – Policing, Fire Fighters, Emergency Medical Services, and 911 Dispatch- respond to  all  of  these  calls, doing  their  very  best  to  save lives or  comfort  family  members  after  delivering heartbreaking news of suicides.  Mental illness has a direct relationship with suicide, criminal offences, and civil unrest.  Our  Correctional  Officers  (dealing  with  convicted  criminals}  and  our  Military  Personnel (combating  terrorism  around the  world}  also face many challenges invoked by the  sights, sounds, and residual carnage of broken societies.

Legacy encourages the utilization of the Centre for Suicide Prevention for it’s training.  The CSP equips the student with information, knowledge and skills necessary to respond to the risk of suicide.

Legacy continues to provide education bursary support to our personnel to better understand the subject of suicide. Please contact us directly to further discuss cost sharing support. 

Click link to Upcoming Suicide Related Training Workshops in Alberta