Meet the dedicated team steering our organization towards positive change, where our commitment lies in supporting and empowering First Responders and Military Personnel. Rooted in a strengths-based approach, we celebrate the unique skills each team member brings, fostering inclusivity beyond our staff to our collaboration with the Board of Directors. Our philosophy extends to the First Responder Community, recognizing and amplifying strengths within, creating a robust network of support. Through close collaboration with the Board and the community, we strive to uplift and make a meaningful difference for all. Together, we are a force for positive change, building bridges and fostering an environment where everyone thrives.

Diana Festejo


Diana Festejo is a leader shaped by personal experiences in foster care and interactions with the RCMP, and guides our support for First Responders, Veterans, and Military. Diana’s commitment extends to mission trips and fostering team relationships. Grounded in values of authenticity, flexibility, and kindness, her leadership embodies a continuous learning journey. Guided by a profound sense of purpose, our Executive Director is dedicated to supporting those who have served and their families with passion and perseverance, fostering unity within our team.

Amberly Wrubleski


Amberly Wrubleski is a seasoned fund development specialist with a proven track record in non-profit coordination. Her expertise includes successfully orchestrating third-party fundraisers, galas, peer-to-peer initiatives, campaigns, and donor cultivation, making her a strategic fit for our organization. Beyond her professional achievements, Amberly’s commitment to positively impacting mental and physical health aligns seamlessly with our non-profit ethos. Her wealth of experience and dedication to fostering wellness within the communities we serve make her a valuable addition to our team, anticipated to drive meaningful change in advancing our mission.