Mindfulness (Legacy Place Society and Mimentra)

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Mindfulness (Legacy Place Society and Mimentra)

Legacy Place Society has been working with Mimentra on various mindfulness activities since 2015.  Utilizing mindfulness is an excellent approach to growing personnel wellness.  Improved sleep, focus, balance, behavior and awareness are just a few of the benefits from utilizing mindfulness activities.  

If you are interested check out the website  http://www.mimentra.com for more info.  

Respond to Derek directly if you are interested or any questions. You can then receive a password log in and load the app on your phone /tablet and try it out. Derek’s email is:  mailto:dluk@mimentra.com 

Noted below are the topics.

  • Introduction to mindfulness – waking up from autopilot
  • Rebooting your brain – resilient vrs survival brain
  • Emotional intelligence – space to breath
  • Turning in to your system – befriending your body
  • The body as an ally – gathering the scattered mind
  • Taking in pleasant experiences – its good to be home
  • Dealing with aversion without running away
  • Newsflash – thoughts are not facts
  • Untangling yourself from jungle mind
  • RRR rewiring your brain
  • Fierce compassion – warrior heart
  • Living a life of value – committed action

Each topic has a lesson, practice and recap (links to video or situations).

There are also various meditations – breathing, standing, etc; movement activity such as a 15 minute stretch/stand/shoulders/28 minute yoga; a 3 minute body scan, etc and reflection time on thoughts, body sensations.

You can store or erase your progress or finding – the info does not go anywhere outside of your storage device.