Legacy Place Society

…provides a temporary home away from home support for Peace Officers, Fire Fighters, Emergency Medical Services, 911 Dispatch, Veterans and Canadian Military Personnel  (serving or retired) along with their families during times of medical, marital or accommodation crisis.  Legacy Place Society currently has 3 confidentially located residential type home settings in Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer.  There are at times if accommodations are full or for other reasons, we will utilize a hotel as a resource.  Our Legacy Place Houses are not treatment centers.

WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED?  The addresses are confidential but are located close to major hospitals, shopping malls, and transportation arteries. (Calgary’s location is in Citadel NW, Edmonton’s  location is in Twin Brooks, Red Deer’s location is in Timberland NE)

WHAT DOES IT COST TO STAY AT LEGACY PLACE?  We ask for a nominal fee to assist operating costs associated to running the locations.  Each night/room is $15/night/room.  An E-transfer for payment is accepted.

WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING IF I STAY AT LEGACY PLACE?  Cell phone and or personal device to access the internet, clothing, medications, and personal grooming supplies.  Linens are provided but bring a favorite pillow and blanket if you like.

DO WE NEED TO BRING FOOD?  At Legacy Place, basics such as milk, coffee, cream, sugar, bread, butter, peanut butter, and condiments are available.   There are also canned and dry goods such as cereal, soups, KD, etc… on hand.  Grocery stores are nearby to buy food and other personal necessities.  The main kitchen and eating area is for all to enjoy, we just ask that you DO NOT EAT in your rooms, ensure you clean as you go, and don’t consume other foods items marked for others.

WHAT IF I NEED TO BRING MY CHILDREN?  Each situation is unique as there are times of a quick in-town medical appointment or a shared custody situation where one of the parents has a weekend visit with their kids.  The same rules of safety and code of conduct are expected when kids are with you.  We will not babysit, or provide child care while you are at appointments.  As part of the Intake process, we can further discuss the situation.

DO YOU HAVE A PLAY AREA?  Not specifically to each location, however, we have a selection of board games, puzzles, and elementary-type toys.  Playgrounds are close by.

WIFI AND TECHNOLOGY? Yes there is free WiFI on site.  Please bring your own tablet or device to stream your own entertainment or games.  Basic cable services are on site.