GoFundMe Legacy Place Society

We’re pleased with the progress of GoFundMe – it’s been a giving platform for the general public to search and contribute to causes close to them.  Registered Charities can now benefit through the GoFundMe approach.  Partnered with Pay Pal Giving Fund, a charitable tax receipt will now be issued.  Pay Pal Giving Fund holds funds received via GoFundMe for about 45-90 days and then will issue funds to the charity.  You will however receive your tax receipt immediately!

Link to GoFundMe for Legacy Place Society

Our Mission:  Provide empathetic support that builds resiliency both individually and within first responder and military personnel families.  

Our Vision:  That all first responder and military personnel have user friendly access to resources to build resiliency as an individual and or as a family.  


  1. Provide confidential and safe accommodations to First Responders and Military Personnel (individually or as a family) for safety, security and access to professional support so that they can recover quickly from a broad range of serious difficulties.
  2.  Provide a confidential crisis response by telephone for First Responders and Military Personnel that facilitates connection to professional and peer support.
  3.  Increase knowledge, networking and reduce stigma by organizing and facilitating mental health and suicide awareness conferences in the military and law enforcement communities.