EVERY BRILLIANT THING – Presented by Legacy Place Society September 16, 2023

Registration is open… https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/every-brilliant-thing-presented-by-legacy-place-society-tickets-698550532447 Mental illnesses are difficult, and the author of the play “Every Brilliant Thing” and the comedian who performs it do an amazing job of showing the range of emotions and consequences of mental illnesses. But more importantly, they show that hope and joy are still possible.

If we look to theatre to increase our awareness of the human condition, the evening succeeds on all counts. This talk, which deserves wide dissemination, is better than good: it is necessary.

Legacy Place Society – a not for profit registered charity supporting the individuals and families of First Responders, Veterans and Military Personnel is presenting on September 16th, this heart warming live theater play as one of many initiatives with World Wide Suicide Awareness Day.

The colour yellow, roller coasters, ice cream — as a mother battles chronic depression, a child creates a list of every brilliant thing they can think of, to remind them what makes life worth living. As the child grows, so does the list. With great sensitivity behind the abundant laughs, is a child’s fierce, flawed attempt to make sense of adult unhappiness and a meditation on the shadow that a loved one’s depression casts over the lives of a family.

CONTENT / TRIGGER WARNINGS: Every Brilliant Thing contains descriptions of depression, self-harm, and suicide. The show briefly describes a character’s attempted suicides and her death by suicide and includes the specific means that were used.

The targeted audience is 14 years of age and older (must be accompanied by an adult).

Doors open at 1pm and the presentation is about an hour/15minutes. Ice Cream will be served after the performance.

There is no cost to attend, however, donations will be accepted at the door to help off set the production and performance costs.