Canadian Legacy Project 1

On behalf of Legacy Place Society, we are extending our sincere appreciation to Canadian Legacy Project for how we were supported with recent bathroom repairs to our Calgary Legacy Place House.

Our Calgary Legacy Place location has experienced 16 individual military clients (about 740 nightly stays) in crisis situations so far this year to date of August 31, 2017.  The crisis situations include emergency medical, transitional accommodations, respite due to suicidal recovery circumstances or domestic situations on the home front.

The reality of having one of our full service bathrooms out of commission can be challenging!  Even more so when the damage and repairs are not eligible for insurance coverage. 

Thank you to the Canadian Legacy Project for the very quick response and financial contribution as it allowed us to proceed with the reconstruction and repairs of the bathroom in a timely matter.

We also appreciate the time taken to learn more about how Legacy Place Society provides support to the individuals and families of Military Personnel.  Thank you for the work and advocacy that Canadian Legacy Project provides.  When we can collaborate together with shared visions of support to the Military, great results are achieved.

bathroom dismantled bathroom new drywall stage bathroom almost complete