An open letter from a cop’s wife to her family and friends

An open letter from a cop’s wife to her family and friends 

I wish you guys could see his face, his preparation and his determination before he leaves for a shift.  His face may be tired from long hours but in his heart, he couldn’t feel more alive living out his calling.  He prepares endlessly whether that be in physical or spiritual training, and the determination of a WARRIOR radiates from his being.  He’s ready for battle and his goal at the end of every shift is to go HOME, where he’s loved and where he’s safe.

I wish you guys could be a fly on the wall as we lay there in the dark at night, quiet, hearts beating loud as we have those “What if” talks . . . We plan out our family’s future as if he weren’t in the picture anymore, funeral plans and how I would make income to supplement his after he’s gone.

The anguish in my heart is so loud at times but then peace calms my spirit as he graciously says “I will be called home by God to God doing what I loved the most, face to face with my Creator, if I’m at peace with that then you need to be at peace with that as well.”

. . . There wouldn’t be a dry eye in the room.

I wish you guys would truly appreciate him, his sacrifices and his service before God forbid he became a news alert on your phone, a Facebook article you read, or an officer’s funeral that you attend.  He’s human, he’s a peacemaker and he’s my husband.  He’s the father and mentor to our children.

He doesn’t do this for the pay, he doesn’t do it for retirement, and he doesn’t do this for “show.”  He chose this career as a lifelong profession because it’s his calling in life.  He endures it to make a difference, in the life of a suspect or civilian.  He can give wisdom to a felon and healing to a victim.  He’s my Super Hero, better than any Marvel character you could possibly think of.

Lastly, whenever you think of us could you pray for us?  Whenever you see another article good or bad about an officer no matter the region, keep our Thin Blue Line family in prayer as well.  Pray for our marriage, that we’d endure and surpass the divorce rate that’s skyrocketing within law enforcement marriages.  Pray for our home, that it would be his safe haven and filled with PEACE when he comes home from the most un-peaceful situations.  Pray for our children, that they wouldn’t listen to the media or chatter they hear at school but that they would ultimately know that their father is a good and noble man, a hero and a man of valor.

In closing, pray for him . . . the human behind the badge.  Pray that he would keep fighting for peace and justice in a world that screams hate and injustice towards him.  Pray that God would bring him home every single day after every single shift, to his family that waits hours for his return.  Pray that he would use wisdom in split second decisions that could have a lifetime effect.

I hope that as the media stirs the pot amongst the law enforcement community that you would stand by us and with us in harmony.  Our family is honored to live this life and wouldn’t take it back for anything.  Thank you to those who have loved and supported us on this ever-changing journey we call LIFE.

Love, A Proud Cop’s Wife

(article retrieved from Law Enforcement Today)