Sea to Sea for PTSD – Legacy Place Society supporting PTSD Initiative

Sea to Sea For PTSD is a registered not for profit based in Alberta.

From April 3, 2022 and count forward about 30 weeks… you’ll see along the Trans Canada Hwy a team of first responders walking across Canada to raise awareness to PTSD and raise funds to support numerous mental health initiatives throughout Canada.

Legacy Place Society is a proud supporter of this initiative.  We want to stop the stigma around the subject of PTSD!  As we say… our setbacks are meant to build a sacred strength that we never would of had otherwise.  Too many of us apply false narratives to our pain and what is says about it.  We believe things like “we are broken, we are damaged, life was meant to work out for us…” But these thoughts are only a confused narrative.  It’s a common and “natural” belief but simply inaccurate.  There’s a simple way to live into d different belief system about our pain, trauma and setbacks.  We can finally understand the hidden programming that undermines our life.  If we can become aware of it, name it and see it for what it is, we can make a massive shift toward emotional health.

Legacy Place Society is a Registered Charity (CRA 891549420) and will issue tax receipts for all donations received.