Lisa Says Thank-You

—Lisa Says Thank-You
I wanted to write a letter regarding my brief stay at Legacy Place Calgary. I was privileged to stay at the house in June well my husband underwent his therapy. The house felt very safe from the moment I walked in the door very warm and inviting. Having a place that wasn’t home feel quite like that was fantastic for helping myself as well let down my guard. Its never easy staying in a place you don’t know no matter who you are. The house mother “Mr. Cameron” was extremely friendly and out going I could sing his praises till the cows come home.

In the past 7 months of my husband coming to the house I have found a drastic change in his behavior. Normally leaving home was a trying process for Matt but having Mr. Cameron at the house when my husband would come back from therapy was detrimental to the process my husband was undergoing. I wouldn’t put any place in the world with higher regards than I do Legacy Place Calgary.