Humanitarian Mission Trips

Since 2006 humanitarian mission trips have been a highlight for over 1100 of our first responders and military personnel.  These trips have included Haiti (post earthquake recovery with medical support and building of homes – in partnership with Haiti Outreach Ministries) and various regions of Mexico (building of playgrounds, community center and 30+ homes – in partnership with Amor Ministries, YuGo Ministries and Angels for Mexico).  

WHY GO?  These trips provide a fantastic opportunity for family time together with a collective purpose to strengthen your own family and the family you build for. We have families that continue to go this trip year after year simply because of the positive benefits that come out during this time together.

ARE THERE ANY UPCOMING MISSION TRIPS?  The logistics involved with organizing a mission trip is immense and requires a team of dedicated personnel.  Currently our focus is on operating our confidential crisis phone line, mental wellness workshops, conferences and tending to the needs of the 3 Legacy Place Houses in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer.    If you are interested in participating with a mission trip, Legacy Place can recommend a few organizations to team up with.  Our desire is to pursue a mission trip in the future. 

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