If I could forget what my eyes have seen

  • I would stop the years of tragedy from replaying in my head, while trying to sleep at night.
  • I would no longer see the face of the young child I couldn’t save from drowning.
  • I would no longer see the lifeless bodies lying on the highway at the countless fatality car accidents I’ve worked.
  • I would no longer see that person take their last breath who was caught in gang crossfire.
  • I would forget the look on a parent’s face, when I told them their child was dead and never coming home.
  • I would no longer see the lifeless bodies of every homicide victim I’ve seen over the years.
  • I would not remember what a decomposed body looks like, even worse, what one smells like.
  • I would forget the look of fear and pain on every domestic violence victim’s face, who endured abuse from someone they loved.
  • I would erase the images of child abuse, sex trafficking, and child porn, I was forced to see throughout my career.

If I could forget what my eyes have seen

  • my heart would be softer, my trust more attainable, and my guard not always up.
  • I’d be less skeptical, less cynical, and remember that kindness in humanity still exists.
  • I would no longer break down and cry unexpectedly, like a dam of emotion breaking for reasons unknown.
  • I would sleep without issues, cold sweats, and repetitive dreams of being killed, would be a thing of the past.
  • I would not have to sit with my back against the wall when out in public, forever on alert, just in case evil were to show up.
  • I’d be forever free from the truth that evil is real, it’s out there, I know, because I’ve looked into its eyes.

If I could forget what my eyes have seen, I would not be a police officer.

These are the burdens we carry, the price we pay, to keep you safe.

This is the truth behind our badge.

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