First Responder & Military Personnel Mental Health & Suicide Awareness Conferences


On September 27, 2018 Legacy Place Society, in collaboration with the Edmonton Police Service, Edmonton Fire Rescue, Alberta Health Services-Emergency Medical Services and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police will be co-hosting the First Responder and Military Personnel Mental Health and Suicide Awareness Conference in recognition of World Suicide Prevention Day.  See agenda…

 YEG 2018 Agenda

More info – Edmonton registration is open  



On September 20, 2018 Legacy Place Society, in collaboration with the Calgary Police Service, Calgary Fire Department, Alberta Health Services-Emergency Medical Services, Calgary Emergency Management Association and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police will be co-hosting the fourth annual First Responder Suicide Awareness Conference in recognition of World Suicide Prevention Day.  See agenda…

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More info – Calgary registration is open

FREE WEBINAR: Mindfulness & First Responder Resiliency by Lt. Richard Goerling.

Wishing you could attend the 4th annual First Responder Suicide Awareness Conference in Calgary, AB Canada but unfortunately can’t make it? Well, we’ll be live streaming one of the speakers so you won’t be completely left out!  Lt. Richard Goerling, MBA, is a Police Lieutenant, Reserve Officer in the U.S. Coast Guard, and Adjunct Faculty at Portland Community College.

He is committed to bringing mindfulness practices to first responders who suffer from compassion fatigue, vicarious traumatization, acute and chronic stressors. He leads mindfulness workshops for first-responders around the country, and has authored several articles on the topic.  

Link to live stream webinar on September 20 10:30am (MST)  

Both Conferences share an opportunity for all from police, fire, EMS, 9-1-1, military, corrections, peace officers, sheriffs, fish and wildlife officers, commercial vehicle enforcement, animal and bylaw officers, security personnel, and front line medical workers and their families to come together in one place to remember the people we have lost to suicide, recognize many today are still suffering in silence, and identify what we can do as a collective to build resiliency and healthy workplaces through awareness and education.

First Responders and Military Personnel are key stakeholders for our safe and healthy communities, and often fail to recognize they too also require support and care to ensure their health for a long career as well as life after their service.

Please join us this year to learn more about the topic of suicide, the most common concerns around mental health and addictions, how to build resiliency in today’s fast-paced world and be a part of the network that is promoting understanding and compassion to reduce stigma and foster hope.

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