• Jun12

    Perspective and Symptoms on Depression and Mental Health Self Care Wheel

    Legacy Place Society has been commissioned by the Mental Health Commission of Canada to teach Mental Health First Aid.  It's a 12 hour course that speak on numerous mental health topics including symptoms of depression an

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  • Feb05

    I am a Police Officer – anonymous contribution (echoed by clients)

    "I am a Police Officer. That means that the pains and joys of my personal life are often muted by my work. I resent these intrusions but it is my job to do the things others fear to do. The label 'police officer' creates a fals

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  • Nov13

    Mindfulness (Legacy Place Society and Mimentra)

    Mindfulness (Legacy Place Society and Mimentra) Legacy Place Society has been working with Mimentra on various mindfulness activities since 2015.  Utilizing mindfulness is an excellent approach to growing personnel wellness.

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